Quantum Culture

Quantum Culture by Erik Schilp and Jasper Visser (Vissch & Stam, 2018)

Introduced by Jasper Visser 

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Quantum Culture is a practical method for strategy development in the age of open source culture. Erik Schilp and Jasper Visser have developed the method over the last years based on the learnings from the many projects we have been proud to work on. Quantum Culture helps organisations to create flexible, dynamic, and more effective strategies by recognising and building on their uniqueness, and by connecting around the values, ideas, and practices of their community.


At the core of Quantum Culture lies the belief that there is much diversity among people and the organisations they create, and that these differences need to be cherished and indeed create opportunities. Each organisation requires and deserves its own bespoke strategy approach. Rather than promoting a one-size-fits-all tool, like there are already so many, we have created one that makes it possible to focus on your particular areas of priority. It helps you localise the specific buttons you can push to strengthen and improve your unique possibilities and assets.

The Quantum Culture method was developed in collaboration with a wide range of organisations and individuals from countries around the world. The method and workbook are completely new, with original exercises, case studies, and other content, with an occasional hint to popular classics.

For more info and to buy your copy go to: https://visschstam.com/quantumculture

Authors: Erik Schilp, Jasper Visser
Design: Robin Stam
ISBN: 978-90-829606-0-0
Published by VISSCH+STAM B.V. 2018


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