Holiday at The Dew Drop Inn

Holidays at The Dewdrop Inn: a One End Street Story by Eve Garnett (first published by Frederick Muller, 1937)

Betty’s book, introduced by Tessa Waite 

This book was brought in to The Story of Books in Hay-on-Wye as part of Tessa Waite’s residency, Story Power. Here Tessa posts about the book and memory of the book shared by Carolyn. Only first names are used in this series of A Book a Day in Hay. Thank you to all those who brought books in and contributed to this project. Tessa Waite has created artists books based on the memories shared with her and these are currently on display at The Story of Books, 20, Castle Street in Hay-on-Wye. 


Betty sharing her memories with Tessa Waite at The Story of Books in Hay-on-Wye

The stories of the Ruggles family in the books, The Family from One End StreetFurther Adventures from One End Street and Holiday at The Dewdrop Inn by Eve Garnett were fascinating to Betty, whose life experience was so different from that of this family of children growing in the working class community of Ottley. The books offered her an insight into a different reality and social history.

img_7823 (1).jpg
Betty’s copy of Holiday at The Dew Drop Inn

She grew to love the characters and their adventures which stayed with her. In recent years on rereading the books, she decided to write a novel about the seven children, taking them into adulthood and old age. The resulting manuscript met with the approval of the current owners of the Garnett copyright and Betty will be publishing the book later this year.


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