A Day in Fairy Land

A Day in Fairy Land: Story and Picture Book by Sigrid Rahmas, illustrated by Ana Mae Seagren (Helsingborgs Litografiska, Sweden, 1945)

Carolyn’s book, introduced by Tessa Waite 

This book was brought in to The Story of Books in Hay-on-Wye as part of Tessa Waite’s residency, Story Power. Here Tessa posts about the book and memory of the book shared by Carolyn. Only first names are used in this series of A Book a Day in Hay. Thank you to all those who brought books in and contributed to this project. Tessa Waite has created artists books based on the memories shared with her and these are currently on display at The Story of Books, 20, Castle Street in Hay-on-Wye. 


Carolyn brought in her copy of A Day in Fairy Land, a well-loved large format book, almost the size of a small child. It was full of line drawings with brightly coloured watercolour washes of pixies and fairies. She described these images as becoming almost real to her. The characters appeared to her during her play, as real as playmates. She remembered with pleasure the intensity of her repeated contact with this book.


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Watch a video by Stella & Roses Books (Stella Books based in Tintern in Monmouthshire, Roses Books based in Hay-on-Wye) showing off the pages of A Day in Fairy Land:

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