Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson (audio book read by William DeMeritt and available on Audible)

Introduced by Sam Obigbesan, currently on the SES programme at RNC Hereford 


The magic man did it again! I knew as soon as I saw the title on audible; I knew that I would buy it, buy it and enjoy it.

Brandon Sanderson has been proven, in the past, like King Midas, that anything he turns his storytelling mind/touch to, will become gold. But in this case it’s not a curse, it’s a blessing. Especially to his readership.

In this short story. Brandon Sanderson asks a simple question, what would you do if you could recreate a day?

What secrets might you uncover?

The two main characters, Anthony Davis and his partner, Chaz, are two policemen, working together on a simple surveillance operation. But the difference is that the world in which they are operating in is only a recreation of a day. A more lifelike snapshot that you could have ever had.

Those two cops are the only real people in that world, that city, and they are on a case. But as things do tend to happen, they discover something that has not been part of their orders. A serial killer is on the loose and they are determined to catch him, even if it’s not part of their original plan.

As they follow the clues both characters find out more about themselves and each other, than they could have thought possible.

One thing to say first was that I listened to the book in audio and it was only two hours and 23 minutes.

But somehow it felt longer. But please don’t take that the wrong way, in my opinion that was good. The story did not feel rushed. The conclusion brought everything to a close with a snap and it left my mind reeling. Brandon Sanderson manages to put in plot and character developments galore; adding little clues on the way and letting your imagination roam for a little while. Until you are hit with the big reveal, and make no mistake, there is a big reveal. One of those ahhh … head-scratching moments that leave you asking yourself, “How did I miss that”? And the ending so simple but at the same time brilliant, I really don’t want to say more because I don’t want to spoil it for you all.

But if you are fans of unexpected endings, people with secrets, “Black Mirror”, you will enjoy this one.

I really hope they make it into a movie.

Now last but not least, William DeMeritt the narrator for the audio book did an awesome job.

His gruff baritone added that extra almost hardboiled atmosphere to the world Sanderson created. He made the world real and also made the character’s sound distinct. Which in my opinion is what truly matters when grading a narrator.

I would strongly urge you to listen to the audio book rather than read it, or even do both. Trust me you’d love both.


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