Gut: the inside story on our body’s most underrated organ by Giula Enders (Scribe, 2014)

Introduced by Emma Balch 

#NooksforBooks series

It is the Hay Festival, a busy time for everyone in Hay. So, for each of the ten days of the festival I’m going to buy a book a day from a different bookshop or #nookforbooks, and do a little post about it. When I have read the book (over the coming days and weeks), I will update the post with a short review.

First up, Gut!


A couple of years ago I suggested at the Hay Chamber of Commerce that we encourage all the shops in Hay to have a #nookforbooks, with books related to their products. Hannah Burson at The Old Electric Shop on Broad Street latched onto this idea and has developed an excellent bookshop within this lively shop/cafe specialising in furniture, lighting and interesting objects. Derek at Hay Deli was another who started with a small selection of recipe books and books by local authors. He has expanded his #nookforbooks for this year’s Hay Festival, with more shelf space and a bigger selection of books.

Bo Hay Deli.jpg

My youngest son Bo in the Hay Deli Nook for Books this time last year… 

And here it is now, in the same corner of the shop, where the cake used to be! 



On Derek’s recommendation, I bought Gut by Guila Enders, a book that several friends have read and taken things from it that have helped with their health and well-being. So I thought I’d give it a go.  Review to follow.

If you’re in Hay, do call into Hay Deli on Lion Street and check out the new bookshelves at the back of the shop.


Gut by Giulia Enders was originally published in German as Darm Mit Charme by Ullstein in 2014.






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