Bill’s Kitchen

Bill’s Kitchen by Bill Sewell

Introduced by Bill Sewell


I’m writing my first book for twenty years. It will be a beautifully illustrated hardback with all my favourite recipes from 30 years of cooking at home and in my cafés in London, Hereford and Cambridge.


My previous two cookbooks were published by HarperCollins, a conventional publisher. This time around I had a very clear idea of what kind of book I wanted to create and I therefore wanted to publish it myself (through crowd-funding) so that I had complete creative control. Crucially this meant that I was able to build my own team (Jay Watson, photographer; Michael Phillips, designer; Marianne Ryan, editor; Dominic Harbour, communications/PR) who have a shared commitment to creating a beautiful and practical book. Secondly, I was able to decide on the specification of the book without reference to the cost-cutters in the finance department of a big publishing company. So the book is hardback; printed on excellent quality paper with illustrations for every recipe and with coloured cloth bookmarks to make it easier to use.

Click here to flick through a taster pdf of the book.


To find out more about the book and watch Bill’s Kickstarter campaign video, click on this link:

This post was fuelled by a Leek, Lentil and Parmesan Bake served with fresh salad leaves and roasted pepper ketchup at Bill’s Kitchen Café at All Saints in Hereford.

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