Miffy by Dick Bruna

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books

What does Miffy have for breakfast? In preparation for a Bookseller’s Breakfast in honour of the late great Dick Bruna I read through this collection of ten Miffy Books but there were no breakfasts.

I tried the internet and found an animation of Miffy and Poppy Pig have breakfast. The problem was solved. Miffy had carrots. I was not happy with carrots for breakfast so I am having granola with Greek yoghurt and banana – it looks a bit like rabbit food – and tea in my much treasured Miffy mug. 


Miffy was created by Bruna in 1955 but wasn’t published in Britain until 1964. I was born the year before and the first books I remember were Miffy and Miffy goes to the Zoo. She was also the first book character I identified with. She had a little brother, she had days at school and she was just like me in every other way. Somehow Bruna managed with just a small cross and two dots to get the whole range of a young child’s emotional responses to life. 


Dick Bruna lived to 89, he produced 120 titles, sold over 85 million books and was translated into over 50 languages. He is survived by three children and six grandchildren and his wife, who he married in 1953, was his main critic. This is a full and productive life and is to be celebrated. 


“And sure enough, one lovely day
Their little bunny came
With ears so long and fur so white
And Miffy was her name.”

stack-of-paper-png-stack_of_books-2555px (1)

One thought on “Miffy

  1. Jo conec els terapia desde sempre i puc afirmar que aquella nit ens ho vam passar teta… us recomano que passeu una estona amb ells i després op0n#u&e823i;. SON ELS MILLORS!!


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