David Copperfield (Told for Children)

David Copperfield: A Charles Dickens Story Told for Children by Russell Thorndike (Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd)

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye

So Russell Thorndike, better known for his Dr Syn novels, reduced some of the works of Charles Dickens to stapled 33-page booklets which also include five or six full page illustrations.


These were produced for children by Raphael Tuck and measure five and a quarter x four inches. Compared to some of the miniature books these are not that tiny but imagine the task of getting those novels to only 28 small pages of text. What an achievement! I have included some tiny shells to complement the David Copperfield and to keep to the theme.



2 thoughts on “David Copperfield (Told for Children)

  1. my husbands aunt has just died when sorting her estate out we came across an original david copper field book by Russell Thorndike can you give me any information on this


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