Welsh Legends

Welsh Legends and Fairy Lore by D Parry-Jones (B T Batsford Ltd, 1953)

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye



This Bookseller’s Breakfast should have been a WWoodcut Wednesday post but I only got these deliciously light and tasty Welsh Cakes from Helen Campbell yesterday afternoon.

This gorgeous book on Welsh legends is from Batsford books. Its full title is Welsh Legends and Fairy Lore. It was published in 1953 and edited by D Parry-Jones.

The haunting wood-engravings are by Ivor Owen which helps give the book a real Welsh feel. I love the depiction of the Welsh farmhouse and stone burial chamber on the front cover with the bell to waken Arthur and his Knights to the right. The artist has managed to get in at least seven or eight stories within the design and yet create a pleasing image.

This copy is slightly tatty but all the more loveable because it had been read.


From the fly-leaf:

‘The Welsh are a poetic and a deeply traditional people. Just as the Welsh language and Welsh music live and flourish today, so too the folk tales of the country retain a meaning and vitality…’

‘What a gift Mr Parry-Jones has as a story-teller and what an understanding he shows for the lives of his countrymen, particularly in those more remote districts and earlier times when the folk tale was a living art.’

‘There are legends of the lakes, the caves, the wells; stories of animals and birds, of fairy gold and human hoards.’

3 thoughts on “Welsh Legends

  1. Eu zic ca sunt 2 lucruri diferite: Acuzatia de Viol si Sexul cu o eleva (si minora).La acuzatia de viol – lucrurile sunt interpretabila, si sincer sa fiu cred ca in favoarea profesorului. Nu cred ca a violat-o… sincer…Sexul cu o eleva minora – e altceva, si e condamnat si de codul penal ( cum zicea cineva mai sus) – aici omul e vinovat oricum ai da-o…Problema majora in cazul de fata este acuzatia de viel…rospectiva mironosita, e o petarda in fond, care si-a tras-o cu el benevol, din teribilism cel mai probabil ( ca sa aiba cu ce se lauda celorlalte mironosite etc)


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