Tragos Mágicos

Tragos Mágicos by Santiago Policastro (Ediciones Riverside, Buenos Aires, 1955)

Introduced by Vanessa Bell


‘El Pato’ is my favourite cocktail at my favourite Buenos Aires drinking establishment Los Galgos Bar. I like to sip slowly sitting at the marble bar and watching Lucas work his magic.


Turns out the ‘Pato’ was an invention by Argentine cocktail-maker extraordinaire Salvatore ‘Pichin’ Policastro who took his marvellous creation to an international competition in Europe…and won.


After Lucas told us this story my 1950s elixir has tasted even sweeter, especially after seeing this book, Tragos Mágicos, from which he revives many of his recipes and keeps Pichin’s magic alive 🍸chin chin maestro! To many more Patos.


Here are images of pages from Tragos Mágicos. See more on the Archivo de Illustracion Argentina website.






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