Light Fare Recipes

Light Fare Recipes for Corn Flour ‘Raisley’ and Custard Powder Cookery (Brown & Polsen Limited, Paisley & London)

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye


It is a very girly Bookseller’s Breakfast today as I wanted to use this book, Light Fare Recipes, produced to advertise corn flour and custard powder. It is a delightful period piece and we are selling it for only £7.

The other books are some Ward Lock hardback romances which sit unread but visually enjoyed in my kitchen. I am eating organic porridge made with almond milk topped with Greek yogurt and frozen berries. Before eating I added lashings of maple syrup which made it less healthy but delicious. I am drinking strong tea in a Virago Press mug A Perfect Woman designed by Neisha Crosland. I love this design of hers and the longer I have the mug the more I appreciate the timelessness of the pattern. 


Brown and Polson commenced producing starch and cornflour in Paisley in the 1860s.

1854 John Polson invented the process of making very pure starch from maize.

John Polson and William Brown founded a business to make starch for shawl makers, though it was the edible starch that made their company successful.

It later became CPC Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of Unilever, which produced Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Gerber baby foods and Knorr soups.

The company ceased production in Paisley in 2002.

Here are images from an earlier edition of the Light Fare Recipes book produced by Brown & Polson:


Light-Fare-Recipes-For-Corn-Flour-And-Raisley-_57 (3).jpg





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