Illustrations of British Fungi

Illustrations of British Fungi (Volumes I-VIII) by Mordecai Cubbitt Cooke (Williams & Norgate, 1881-91)

Introduced by Darren Bloodworth of C Arden Booksellers, Hay-on-Wye


This is a scarce first edition of an eight volume set with 1198 fine chromolithographed plates.



It is a unique and very interesting set having been owned by well-respected mycologist Ronald W Rayner, then more recently, his son, Dr A D M Rayner. On the verso of the majority of the plates, R W Rayner neatly wrote pencilled notes on the fungi in question, extracted from his studies of works by Carleton Rea, Jean Louis Emile Boudier, Charles Plowright, A A Pearson, Locquin and more.


15060226_682771011888199_891288079_o (1).jpg


We are selling this scarce complete set for £1650.o0.




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