The Mischief Makers

The Mischief Makers by D Mirayev (No date, the author’s name a pseudonym, the publishing house well known but all documentation lost)

Introduced by Marijana Dworski, of Marijana Dworski Books 


An afternoon’s research has taught me that this pretty and, at first glance, innocuous children’s book has a tragic, but of course, not uncommon, back story.


Published by Yaakov Bloch of the Russian -Jewish publishing house ‘Petropolis’ in Berlin, ‘Prokazniki’ was written by his sister, the poet Raisa Bloch probably around 1931.


Children’s book it may be, but the goose-stepping little boy and an ending depicting the little girl moving her possessions to a new home mirror the times.


Petropolis moved to Brussels in 1933, Raisa moved that year to Paris but perished in Ravensbruck in 1943.

stack-of-paper-png-stack_of_books-2555px (1)

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