Las Vegas Then and Now

Las Vegas Then and Now by Su Kim Chung (Thunderbay Press, 2016 – first published 2002)

Introduced by Anne Bricto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye


I’m back!  The Bookseller’s Breakfast has returned! After a four week break (due in part to a broken phone – when I went to order my new one yesterday I discovered I should have upgraded in April – and to poor service in rural Utah) mostly because I was on holiday and I felt my posts should stay about Addyman Books and Hay-on-Wye.

I did have quite a few book adventures and I will be posting them over the next few weeks. One of the top highlights of our trip was our visit to the Special Collection at the library of University of Nevada Las Vegas. This connection happened because of Instagram. I have followed their quirky and fascinating account for a while and realised that they were a truly special team.

I cannot tell you how moved we were by the warmth of the welcome from Su Kim Chung and Nancy Hardy. We loved seeing the First Folio Shakespeare they had on a short term loan from the Folger Library an astoundingly clean copy. We also enjoyed their display of gambling books from the period of Shakespeare and thank Peter Michel the curator for talking us through this fantastic showcase.

If you are ever in Vegas do take the time to visit. The cases with some of the old brochures and flyers from Las Vegas are a joy. So here is one of my top treasures – a signed copy of Las Vegas Then and Now by Su Kim with its cover photo of downtown Las Vegas showing The Golden Nugget where Mr Grumpy and I stayed. My second treasure is the memory of the graceful Nancy driving us back to our hotel (so kind) and telling us about life in Vegas and the history of the different areas. Thank you all for giving us the best first day of the holiday possible.

I am back to making a smoothie for a healthy breakfast Las Vegas style in memory of my Mimosa Margarita at El Cortez coffee shop and a strong coffee to counteract the jet lag
It’s not that cold today but I do miss the high desert temperatures.

stack-of-paper-png-stack_of_books-2555px (1)

Su Kim Chung is Head of Special Collections Public Services at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.


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