About Fishing

About Fishing by Robert Hartman (first published by Arthur Baker Ltd., 1935, this edition published by Methuen & Co., 1947.)

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye 


This Bookseller’s Breakfast is all about fishing with this incredible fish head mask by http://www.circusgringo.com It is more specifically about salmon and we are lucky to have a few in the River Wye.

I have only had wild salmon a few times and it is extraordinarily good. Cassie has made this mask out of fibre glass and papier-mâché and painted it so you can see some of the newsprint beneath the silvered shades. This marbling effect is just so salmon like.


The book is by Robert Hartman who also illustrated it. I love the woodcut on the wrapper and as it is Wednesday it also ticked the box for Woodcut Wednesday. After the fruit platter yesterday I felt hungry and grumpy almost all day so this morning a proper breakfast was called for. Scrambled eggs with Smoked Salmon from The Black Mountain Smokery with strong tea in local potter Pat Birk’s fish mug with a green smoothie to finish. Thank you doble M design for lending us Cassie’s mask and to Johnny Cassettes whose photos are beautiful and is, like me, a fan of smoked salmon.


Stella & Rose Books (Hay-on-Wye and Tintern) currently have a 1st edition of About Fishing: 


Published by Arthur Barker Ltd., 1935. 1st edition. Hardback. Very Good. Very good condition with no wrapper. Blue cloth with gilt title to spine. B/w illustrations. Spine is browned and bumped. Old sticker to bottom of front cover. Some page browning with foxing to outer page edges.

About Fishing 1st edition, Stella & Rose Books

About the publisher

Methuen Publishing Ltd was founded in 1889 by Sir Algernon Methuen (1856–1924) and began publishing in London in 1892. Initially Methuen mainly published non-fiction academic works, eventually diversifying to publish female authors, and translated works. E. V. Lucas headed the firm from 1924 to 1928. Methuen Publishing .

Tintin connections

Methuen was the English publisher of the book editions of The Adventures of Tintin, a series of classic Belgian comic-strip books, written and illustrated by Hergé. Methuen altered their editions of Tintin by insisting that books featuring British characters undergo major changes. The Black Island, first published in French in 1937, was set in Great Britain, but, prior to publishing it themselves in 1966, Methuen decided that it did not reflect the U.K. accurately enough and sent a list of 131 “errors” to be corrected. It was thus redrawn and reset in the 1960s. Critics have attacked Methuen over the changes, claiming that Black Island lost a lot of its charm as a result. Land of Black Gold had had a troubled publishing history, but the completed adventure eventually appeared in 1948–50. It was set in the British Mandate of Palestine and featured the conflict between Jews, Arabs and British troops. When Methuen was translating the Adventures of Tintin into English, Israel had long since been in existence, and Methuen asked for it to be edited. Hergé took the opportunity to redraw the few problematic pages, as well as the pages before that: the freighter that appeared before that was based on Hergé’s imagination, due to lack of resources at the time. The earlier version, published in 1950, was reprinted by Casterman as a facsimile edition, but internationally was completely replaced by the newer version.



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