The Book of Old Tarts

The Book of Old Tarts: Over 80 Scrumptious Sweet and Savoury Recipes by Elizabeth Hodder

Introduced by @the_3_joans and Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye


Hurrah for @the_3_joans who has guested our Bookseller’s Breakfast all the way from New York. Lily is, as you can probably guess, a professional cook.

She has made this tart with leeks – to celebrate Wales, goats cheese and bacon and it is sprinkled with nutmeg I am now quoting from Lily’s post because I love her zest and style:

The recipe is from The Book of Old Tarts by Elizabeth Hodder, a wonderful read that traces the history of British tarts from the Roman times through medieval, Elizabethan and into the Victorian era. It was recommended to always invite an old lady on a picnic at that stage in our history as they always had the best recipes for tarts.

The book is full of recipes with scrumptious names like bilberry mucky mouth tart and fidget pie. It is an irresistible book.

Lily and her account are just as irresistible. She is a Brooklyn chef whose love of colour and many talents (origami elephants and hand made tiles in addition to the cooking) make her feed one of my favourites. You never know what she might do but you know it will make you smile.

She has placed this fantastic pie against her signature green and paired it with all things Alice – just for us.

The book looks like a must for cooks and Alice collector I am just about to order one.

By the way Lily’s account is named for three of her icons (Joan Rivers, Joan Bakewell, Joan Crawford). Women who can pull a punch – literally I believe.
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