Y Cragnc Â’R Crafangau Aur

Anturiaethau Tintin: Y Cragnc Â’R Crafangau Aur by Hergé – Le Crabe aux pinces d’or (in English: The Crab with the Golden Claws) translated from the French into Welsh by Roger Boore

Introduced by Emma Balch with Patrick O’Hare 



After last night’s momentous Euro 2016 football match between Wales and Belgium – and Wales’s victory! – there was only one book to post on A Book a Day in Hay: this first edition (Welsh language) featuring the famous fictional Belgian reporter/detective.

Around the festival we had visits from two of Ollie’s fellow PhD students – Felix from Germany, and Patrick from Scotland. Ollie, Felix, Patrick – and his partner Mary, all share a love of Latin America.

It turns out Patrick is also a huge Tintin fan and would gleefully switch from discussing post-Neo Liberal Uruguay with Ollie to chatting about Captain Haddock with Seth and Bo.

Patrick and Mary are serious bibliophiles and they spent their days here digging around in the secondhand bookshops in Hay. Patrick was delighted to find that the Hay Cinema Bookshop has a section dedicated to Social Anthropology and he even found a signed copy of a book by one of his anthropology heroes for a bargain £1 (bonus of having a niche interest!).

They also found this Tintin book – a Welsh edition of The Crab with the Golden Claws – and bought it for the boys and wrote a lovely inscription. A book to treasure. Oh and I do like the idea of ‘Tintin in the Black Mountains’! Who is going to write it?!



Tintin books in Welsh first appeared between 1978 and 1982. There was then a gap of 25 years when Tintin was no longer published in Welsh. They began to appear again in Welsh when a Tintin fan took the initiative to contact Casterman publishing house in Belgium and acquire rights to translate and publish new Welsh-language editions. The new editions are translated by Dafydd Jones and are published by Dalen.



Diwedd – The End 

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