1984 by George Orwell 

Introduced by Ellie Wait, a student at the Royal National College for the Blind

#desertislandbooks series

When considering what books to take with you if you were stranded on a desert island, it would not most people’s first choice to take a book depicting a dystopian society. It’s definitely not an uplifting read however, the themes of censorship and nationalism most certainly make it an interesting one. The dark settings coupled with the rebellious mind-set of Winston and Julia means that at no point are the readers comfortable and this constant tension is what makes this book a classic.

I read this book in a classroom environment for my A Level English and the discussion it provoked between myself and my peers was engaging and enlightening. The debates ranged from the importance of free speech, to the power of technology and even to the role of sex in society. When studying this book, there was never a dull lesson!

I imagine that however beautiful a desert island is, the constant tranquillity would bore me after a while and so perhaps a bit of Orwell would keep me entertained as the political resonance is thought provoking and at times even blood boiling.

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