Room by Emma Donoghue

Introduced by Ellie Wait, a student at the Royal College for the Blind, Hereford

I honestly don’t know how to introduce this book to you without simply listing off clichés. It left me shaken. The book becomes even more powerful when you learn that Donoghue based the novel on a true kidnapping that took place in Austria, 2008.

This contemporary novel tells a haunting story of kidnap, rape, and finally, resolution but from the perspective of a five year old boy called Jack. For me, the association of childhood with innocence and play was stripped as I was guided through Jack and his mother’s escape and rehabilitation. Donoghue breaks the characters far before piecing that back together again causing me to keep frantically turning the pages until I reached the end.

It’s a sad book to say the least and at times I found it painful to read but it examines the relationship between parent and child in a crucial way. What I found so touching about this book was that despite such horrendous circumstances, at no point was Jack lonely or isolated, proving that there is always someone willing to support you even in the darkest of times.

I feel it would be an injustice for me to talk anymore about such a beautifully written book. Below is a link to an interview with the author which discusses the poignancy of relationships in the book, not only between mother and son, but between humans and God. 





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