Double Act

Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books in Hay-on-Wye, with Kia Pegg


Look at this young bibliophile who came into our shops [Addyman Books, Addyman’s Annexe and Murder & Mayhem] this month. She is the talented Kia Pegg who has been in Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘Tracy Beaker’ TV series and now stars in The Dumping Ground. 

We connected while talking about Instagram initially and then when her dad and Kia herself told me what she did I was able to explain that I knew Jacky well and her book Double Act had been dedicated to our family. Jacky is a complete lover of books and bookshops and I’ve known her for over thirty years!



In addition to this connection Kia was nominated a couple of years ago for her role in the Christmas Special ‘Jody in Wonderland’ which is based on the Alice story. I grabbed the appropriate books and got this photo.

It was lovely to meet such an interesting young woman and her charming father but best of all was seeing someone of 16 buying a pile of books. There is hope for the future of bookselling when you get people like this coming through the bookshop door.


“I may have gotten a little over excited while in Hay-On-Wye” Kia Pegg on Twitter


“So I had the best day ever! Hay-On-Wye today!!!!”


Have you had a book dedicated to you? Send in your stories and photos of the dedication to:

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