Tales of Northwick

Tales of Northwick by Jim Sanders

Introduced by Ellie Wait, a student at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford






Filmed at Three Counties Bookshop in Ledbury

A little bit about Northwick the Bear:

Northwick is a very special bear. He lives with a boy called Frank and his family. Both Northwick and Frank have nystagmus. If you have nystagmus it means your eyes move all the time (usually side to side or up and down) and you can’t see very well.

Glasses and contact lenses don’t fix nystagmus and doctors don’t yet know how to cure it. Nystagmus causes all sorts of problems for Northwick and Frank in their everyday lives. For instance, Frank has to sit at the front of the class and even then he can’t always see what’s on the board.

Find out more here: www.northwickbear.com

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