To Everything a Time

To Everything a Time by Eleanor Watkins

Introduced by Mel Menzies

Eleanor Watkins is the author of forty something books, many of them fiction for children and young readers, some historical.  In recent years she has become known as the author of the Beech Bank Girls series from Dernier Publishing.  Her YA historical novel, The Village, was published last year by Books to Treasure.

To Everything a Time is her first venture into fiction for adults. Eleanor lives in an old farmhouse overlooking Hay-on-Wye with her husband and a collection of cats,  and the novel has a local setting with a backdrop of the changing seasons.


I loved this book! It made me feel as if I was sitting in the kitchen, chatting over a coffee about ordinary everyday happenings with a very good friend. Someone with whom I had a great affinity. The story is everyone’s life to some extent or other, or so it seemed to me. True, I’ve never lived on a farm, nor have I been a mother to boys, but the family humour tickled me pink. Talk about Venus and Mars! A husband who says he listens but never seems to hear, kids who have a permanent “Oh really, Mother!” kind of attitude and oh! the family misunderstandings.  If you’re looking for something warm and enjoyable, this is it. A joy to read.


Mel Menzies is author of a dozen non-fiction books and has more recently turned to fiction writing. She has a long career in the world of books and publishing and was formerly PA to author Paul Gallico.  Her two latest books, Time to Shine (2015) and Chosen?, released in June this year, both with Malcolm Down Publishing, are the first two in a series featuring counsellor Evie Adams, and are set in the Cathedral city of Exeter. Mel lives in the West Country.

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