Lost in a Good Book

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books in Hay-on-Wye 

I was challenged by a Guardian journalist yesterday to do a Booksellers Breakfast based on his favourite author Jasper Fforde. It wasn’t that hard to do; I just moved breakfast into our literature room, added an old Tonka toy car and a decorated green smoothie. All that was needed was a cup of black coffee in a mug that celebrates one of the novels used by Fforde in his fantastically funny romp of literary detective fantasy staring Thursday Next


Some Instagrammers may know Jasper for his photographs – he has a massive following – but he is also the writer of this bookworld series that was loved by Terry Pratchett and is often a natural next stop in the universe for Discworld fans. Jasper Fforde is one of our Hay heroes as he also lives here and has also appeared at this year’s Hay Festival.


Click on the link below for special features on Lost in a Good Book:


Read a plot summary of Lost in a Good Book here.

Click here for a previous ‘A Book a Day in Hay’ post about the first book in this series, The Eyre Affair. 





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