Sacred Scripts

Sacred Scripts: A Meditative Journey Through Tibetan Calligraphy with Calligraphy by Tashi Mannox and Photography by Robin Kyte-Cole. Translation by Peter Alan Roberts and Kenneth McLeod

Introduced by Tashi Mannox


After nearly two years of dedicated work, this long awaited book is now ready for print.

Sacred Scripts – 144 pages of insightful quotes written in Tibetan calligraphy are paired with photos of Buddhas from around the world to create this collection of timeless iconography.

Calligraphy has held an honoured place in the spiritual traditions of Tibet. Monks dedicate their lives to mastering the many subtleties of the art, often spending years transcribing sacred Buddhist manuscripts.


The carefully composed lines and deliberate spatial awareness in each work of calligraphy within Sacred Scripts encourages reflection, meditation and mindfulness.

Within these pages, sacred mantras, seed syllables, and Buddhist quotes are presented in authentic Tibetan scripts. Photos of Buddha statues from around the world complement the calligraphy and create an ethereal mood of serenity. Addressing the stresses of our modern world and the demise of spiritual languages, Sacred Scripts provides insight and inspiration for attaining inner peace and well-being.


stack-of-paper-png-stack_of_books-2555px (1)

Tashi Mannox is one of the world’s foremost contemporary Tibetan calligraphy artists. He currently lives near Hay-on-Wye.







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