Tristimania by Jay Griffiths (publication date: 26th May 2016, Hamish Hamilton)

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye

Jay in Hay.

Yesterday, in our Lion Street bookshop, Jay Griffiths, the acclaimed writer, read from her soon to be published Tristimania: A Diary of Manic Depression.


In her ten minute reading (for Vanguard Readings – on tour: Hay) she described with honesty and beauty the range of experiences that one feels through a manic episode and the following depression. However for me the most poignant and tear-inducing part was her description of the importance of metaphor and language.


When the book comes out please buy it. There is within both truth and beauty and as Keats wrote, what more do we need.

I loved all the readers at our event but coming from a family where one in four of us suffers from bipolar Jay’s writing really resonated. Even if you have had no experience of manic depression I think you will enjoy the rich and profound prose and the honesty with which she shares her experience of this shattering illness.


Thank you to Addyman Books for hosting the Vanguard Readings event. 70+ people packed into the front rooms of their Lion Street shop to listen to six authors read for 10 minutes each from their latest book. The line up was Oliver Balch (Under the Tump), Tom Bullough (Addlands), Jay Griffiths (Tristimania), Nina Lyon (Uprooted), Ben Rawlence (City of Thorns) and Richard Skinner (Vade Mecum). Here’s the window display for the event:


Jay Griffiths was awarded the Hay Festival International Fellowship 2015.

One thought on “Tristimania

  1. Enjoyable and stimulating with readings which moved us from laughter with an affectionate anecdote of King Richard, Coeur de Livre (the reason most of us are here in Hay) to this moving glimpse into mania, and, in between, great stories. Storytelling is the second-oldest profession and we should celebrate it more often than …

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