Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books, Hay-on-Wye

#booksellersbreakfast series


So the breakfast is based on Charlotte Bronte and the food is taken from chapter 5 of Jane Eyre.

“Few children can eat when excited by the thoughts of a journey; nor could I. Bessie, having pressed me in vain to take a few spoonfuls of boiled milk and bread she had prepared for me, wrapped up some biscuits in a paper and put them into my bag; then she helped me on with my pelisse and bonnet …”

And later in the same chapter at Miss Miller’s:

” … rose the whispered words ‘Disgusting ! The porridge is burnt again’ … Ravenous, and now very faint, I devoured a spoonful or two of my portion without thinking of its taste, but the first edge of hunger blunted, I perceived I had got in hand a nauseous mess – burnt porridge is almost as bad as rotten potatoes; famine itself soon sickens over it. The spoons moved slowly: I saw each girl taste her food and try to swallow it; but in most cases the effort was soon relinquished. Breakfast was over and none had breakfasted. “

Back to the 21st century and I decided I couldn’t cope with burnt porridge so I added dark muscovado sugar and maple syrup to give it a tinge. The biscuits are wrapped in paper and the flowers are wild ones picked on my way down the hill last night. A cup of strong tea is something I am sharing with the teachers in chapter 5. As one of them whispered of the porridge, “Abominable stuff! How shameful!” The hardbacks are my own but the @penguinukbooks are for sale.

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