Darkly Flows the Taff

Darkly Flows the Taff by Simon Barnes 

Introduced by Hope Booth, wife of Richard Booth, the King of Hay

I am blind, so my husband very kindly read this witty and amusing book to me.
Rupert Courtney Morgan is sent by his boss, the Head of the Department of Industrial Espionage, from London to Wales, to investigate the death of a colleague who has been found dead in his car on the Brecon Beacons.
This is the first mission that Rupert has ever been sent on, so, determined to succeed, he decides to emulate James Bond, but unfortunately has none of the gadgets or glamorous women to help him. Sometimes I laughed out loud.
As the book develops he meets the TAFIA (the Welsh Mafia) and members of the Arts Council for Wales who, as the book progresses, become increasingly ridiculous, greedy and malevolent. Is there a message here? Will the SAS be able to help him?
I thoroughly recommend this light-hearted, humorous and well-written murder mystery, and very much hope it goes into an Audio Edition so that other blind people can enjoy it.
ISBN 9781519391568
Available from The King of Hay Bookshop, Hay-on Wye

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