The Longbow Girl

The Longbow Girl by Linda Davies

Introduced by Ellie Platt, a year 7 student at Gwernyfed High School
The Longbow Girl is a gripping novel set in the Brecon Beacons. It follows Merry Owens and her struggle to keep her family farm in the shadow of the Black Castle, home of the Owens’ sworn enemies, the de Courcys. A chance discovery may save her family but only if she can manage to prove it’s the Owens’ rightful property.
All seems well enough until the ancient book Merry has discovered is translated and she is drawn by the chance of adventure. Hiding her plans from even her best friend James, she travels back in time to the reign of Henry the Eighth. It all seems like just a bit of fun until she is accused of thievery and also discovers that she is the Owens’ only hope – whilst still in the past!

And if all this excitement isn’t enough, a thief is about and Merry is desperate for him to leave her alone. It’s only when he follows her through to the past that she gets to rid herself of him, once and for all…

Will Merry save her family, both in the past and the present? Will her family still breed the beautiful Welsh ponies that have roamed the hills for centuries? The only way to find out is to burrow into this book and reach the end…

I would recommend this book to anyone fond of horses, history and friendship over the age of nine. It is a thrilling adventure that will grip you from the moment you open it. It is a must read novel!

2 thoughts on “The Longbow Girl

  1. I am reminded of Gillian’s response to an earlier article by this reviewer (and second it). Fond of horses, history and friendship, myself, and over the age of nine (I have been 12 well over half-a-century now) I shall seek the book out, on Ellie’s advice, and feel sure that I shall enjoy it.

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