Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Introduced by Anne Brichto of Addyman Books in Hay-on-Wye*

This book is featured in the second in my Instagram series #thecoversofalice from my own collection of Alice in Wonderland books and their derivatives. This edition was published in 1933 and illustrated by A E Jackson.

I collect Alices and anything else to do with those two phenomenal books by Lewis Carroll. Inspired by fellow Instagrammer @thecoversofneverland I have decided to post one or a selection of my Alices on the Addyman Books Instagram feed most days. I should have finished by 2025.

alice2I have shelves and shelves of Alice books. I love them

I was reading Alice just before my mother died when I was six and while in hospital (we had a car smash) I read all the Narnia books. These got me through the toughest of times when I was young and my love and passion for books such as these and others never leaves me. I live eat breathe and sleep books it seems. I also like walking up mountains and holidays whenever possible.

*I am very grateful to Anne Brichto, Maria Carreras and Darren Bloodworth who have helped me keep the blog going while I am in Argentina. EB


Question posed to Hay bookseller Anne Brichto via Instagram: Ever thought of writing a book yourself?

I would love to have that ability but I am enough of a reader to know I haven’t. Also I enjoy being an excellent audience for so many authors – making a living from books is fairly time consuming and also back breaking.

More photos of Anne’s Alice collection:


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