Folk Tales and Fables

Folktales and Fables, P Itayemi and P Gurrey, (Series editors: David and Helen Kimble), 1953
Printer: Hunt, Barnard and Co Ltd
Price: 1/6d.

This is a very scarce Penguin from the Penguin West African Library. What a lovely cover it is with our favourite literary bird under a palm tree and what a pleasing subject.

Penguin produced a series of its books covering West African issues during the 1950s and early 1960s – a time of great political and social change in the region.

The first book published was Local Government by R E Wraith in October 1953 – and the last of the 14 books was published in July 1965. By then, the books had been restyled The Penguin African Series, and this in turn was superseded by the Penguin Africa Library, using the abbreviation ‘AP’. This covered the wider area of the whole of the African continent.

The books show the usual Penguin logo, with a palm tree curved over the logo from the left.

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