Delight in Books

Delight in Books by PMB Mais 

Introduced by Anne Brichto, co-owner of Addyman Books in Hay 

This book cover says what it is all about. Work, life, reading. Delight in books is what we do and why we sell them. How lucky to have a job that brings such pleasure.



Anne introduced this book via the Addyman Books fantastic Instragram feed. Click through to see the original post here: Delight in Books

‘Delight in Books’ was written by  Stuart Petre Brodie, ‘SPB’ Mais (1885-1975). He was a prolific British author, journalist and broadcaster. He wrote over 200 books and was a household name in his day but he struggled to make money from his prolific output.

He first worked as a teacher, then for the National Press at Fleet Street. He was an enthusiastic campaigner for the English countryside and traditions. He led walks for day-trippers who travelled by train from London and other big cities.

He worked as a journalist for The Oxford Times and the BBC in radio. In 1933 he began to broadcast a ‘Letter from America’, 13 years before it was made famous by Alistair Cooke.



One thought on “Delight in Books

  1. My father read this book in 1934, aged 13, and started to keep a diary because of it. His diary for the next five years gives a fascinating insight into his teenage years just before the war. I am grateful to S P B Mais for inspiring my father to begin writing this precious document.


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