Into the Air

Into the Air: Colouring Book by Mart

Introduced by Marina Charles of graffiti mundo

Mart, one of the most beloved artists of Buenos Aires, recently released ‘Into The Air Colouring Book’, a colouring book for adults.

Mart’s work has a playful style that translates easily to the streets and gallery to the print medium. The 100 pages of the book let you paint with the artist, as it contains colour drawings with drawings in black and white colouring. The reader is invited to complete the book inspired by the distinctive colour palette Mart, or even improve with their own palette.

The long-legged stars of the murals Mart contained in the book together with details such as bicycles and plants, all executed in the style of the artist is characterised by fine lines and free.


The popularity of colouring books for adults has increased greatly in recent years and are praised as a meditative tool for people whose lives plaintiffs do not allow them time to be creative.

There is a wide range of colouring books that have been internationally hand from a variety of artists, illustrators, graphic designers and even tattoo artists published.

Books are sometimes intricate, patterned or pixelated, as you can see here in this collection of Buzzfeed. Artists like Buff Monster, Cyrcle and Shepherd Fairey contributed to colouring book called ‘Outside the Lines‘ and adds to the range Mart with ‘Into The Air’.




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