Escritos Sobre el Corazon

Escritos Sobre el Corazon by Benigno Hector Remesar

Introduced by Emma Balch 

Walking the cobbled streets of San Antonio de Areco, enjoying the slow pace after a frantic week in Buenos Aires, I noticed Benigno. He was sitting at a workbench, working on a sheet of alpaca. Behind him, an old typewriter. Beside him, a mate gourd. Scratchy classical music was playing on the sound system.

fullsizerender 3

I asked if my boys could watch him at work. He happily agreed, explaining to them what the tools are for, passing them the alloy to handle.

A self-published book of poetry lay on the counter. I turned it over and saw Benigno’s photo on the back. He described himself as a writer, actor, theatre director, painter, sculptor and co-founder of a community cultural centre. I was not surprised; it is typical for Argentines to juggle different careers and cultural interests, reinventing and reimagining themselves through a natural instinct for entrepreneurship and an insatiable appetite for education. 

Benigno opened the book and read aloud a poem about a small town in the province of Buenos Aires, once a thriving community, now with around 80 residents. He visited the place while looking for a place to relocate from the city and wrote a nostalgic poem.

He settled on San Antonio de Areco to Seth up home and rented a corner spot with large picture windows and a wide double door. He passes the days there, making gifts from alpaca, writing, painting – and today, reading poems from his book to visitors from Hay.

stack-of-paper-png-stack_of_books-2555px (1)


(Click here to see photos of Goldney, and read more on the history of the town and the English connections.)

2 thoughts on “Escritos Sobre el Corazon

  1. Fui a Sãn Francisco de Areco por acaso e jamais imaginei conhecer este homem 5an talentoso.Voltei ao Brasil e procurei algum contato e nada.
    Não anotei seu endereço em Areco.
    Quero voltar lá e melhor conhecer seu trabalho.
    Peço ajuda para poder entrar em contato com ele.


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