Guia T

Guia T published by Editorial Betina

Introduced by Emma Balch 

Books take all sorts of sizes, styles and forms. Take an hour looking through Hay Cinema Bookshop if you are in any doubt.

Books are read, referred to, collected, displayed, discarded, treasured, shared, hidden, discussed and destroyed. Some books are opened rarely, others are a part of daily life.

Even today, in our world of apps, this book, the Guia T guide to the buses in Buenos Aires is used many times a day, every day, by thousands of residents and visitors in this sprawling South American city.

Updated and published annually by Editorial Betina, the Guia T is an indispensable guide to the 144 bus lines and routes in Buenos Aires. Once you know how to use the book you can reasonably easily  get to any point in the city via bus.

The book is published in large and pocket-sized format, with three main sections. First, there is an alphabetical index of all the streets in Buenos Aires and address ranges, each point a page and grid references for the second section.


Second, the bulk of the book consists of double-page spreads with a section of a grid map of the city on one page and the relevant buses on the other.


Third, the final part of the book is given over to the buses, in numerical order, with a drawing of the bus (each bus has a distinctive colour scheme and decoration) and details of its route.


By matching up addresses, map grids and buses, it is easy to find your way from A to B by bus.

As much as I love and regularly use colectivos while in Buenos Aires, I know nothing compared to Daniel Tunnard. A fellow Brit who, like me, has whiled away several years in Argentina, set out to take all 144 of the buses lines in Buenos Aires and write about it. He put in the hours and, with the help of the Guia T ticked off all 144 bus lines. And he wrote a book about it. Colectivaizeishon was published by Random House Mondadori in 2013.

Colectivaizeishon 05.jpg

Like I said, books take all sorts of sizes, forms and styles. They also cover every subject imaginable – even buses in Argentina. Two books for you in one post: a mass-produced guide to bus routes in Buenos Aires, and personal travelogue following those same routes.

stack-of-paper-png-stack_of_books-2555px (1)


One thought on “Guia T

  1. Me encanta! Must get Colectivaizeishon!!!! My favourite colectivo is of course El 60 which I can take at the corner of my house – kilometro zero – to EVERYWHERE! Of course love taking it all the way to Tigre so I can see the changing landscape of city to province….


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