She Came to Stay

She Came to Stay by Simone de Beauvoir (1943)  

Introduced by Timothy Han 

This semi-autobiographical novel tells the story about our perceptions of a world on the edge of change. Told through the eyes of our protagonist  who, while searching for fulfilment, challenges the oppressed stereotypes of the day. This book is about an individual observing the anxiety of a 1930s Paris under the growing political difficulties of the time and of their relationship both with themselves and those close to them.


Our debut fragrance at Editions Perfumes was inspired by this novel. The idea is to remove the isolation of our sense of smell by allowing the fragrance to work in harmony with – in this case, literature.



Which book would you choose to inspire a fragrance? 

One thought on “She Came to Stay

  1. ABaDiH is at its best when a personal and, preferably, passionate endorsement of a book is made. It fails, for me, when it is a blatant advertisement . On this level and more I was irritated by this particular book-blog. To use an unrelated book to draw attention to a beauty product might work but my retail door clangs shut on its empty promise. There are many references to the emotional power of the sense of smell throughout literature. Perhaps I would feel more kindly disposed to this intrusive advertisement if there was such a connection here. I wonder what the author, a considerable intellectual and 20th century feminist icon, would say?

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