The Life of Brother Giles Companion of Saint Francis

The life and chapters of sundry godly sayings and the teaching of Brother Giles companion of Saint Francis (printed by students at the City of Birmingham School of Printing) 

Introduced by Emma Balch 

I won this special book in a prize draw last night at the launch of the Centre for Printing History and Culture at Winterbourne House in Birmingham. The book is set in 14 point Baskerville type and was cast on a Monotype machine by students in the pre-apprentice class at the City of Birmingham School of Printing in 1941.

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Jay was of the belief that nothing worth printing was too small, humble, or inconsequential to be well designed. He introduced a pre-apprenticeship for boys aged 12-13 years. This programme allowed boys who were mentally, physically and creatively suit to the printing trade to be trained on the job, complementing their general education.

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Jay’s impact was significant: he trained up a generation of boys who took their learning into printing businesses throughout the country and raised standards in the industry. I thought it really special that he tasked each one of his students with producing one work of distinction that they could be proud of.

Thank you to the Centre of Printing History and Culture for the book that I now have at home in Hay as a memento of the legacy of Leonard Jay.


More on Leonard Jay:

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The Centre for Printing History and Culture is a joint initiative between Birmingham City University and the University of Birmingham and consists of researchers, heritage professionals and librarians.  It seeks to encourage research into all aspects and periods of printing history and culture, as well as education and training into the art and practice of printing.


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