Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman 

Introduced by Ellie Platt, a year 7 student at Gwernyfed High School near Hay

Northern Lights is a gripping novel set in a world much like our own, yet very different to what we know. It follows Lyra, a young girl determined to rescue her friend from the clutches of the evil ‘Gobblers’ and her dæmon Pantalaimon.

Little does Lyra know what is coming her way when she and her dæmon hide in the men’s only Retiring Room in the luxury of Jordan College. She is soon dragged into a world of witches, magic, evil and warrior bears.

Lyra travels far and wide in the company of the kind Gyptians. Far north in the icy wastes of the Arctic, she discovers the awful truth of who the ‘Gobblers’ really are and what they do with the children that they capture in thousands.

Soon, she heads even further north to try and rescue her father, Lord Asriel. She thinks the precious alethiometer is what her father needs from her but when she finds out what he really needs she has no idea who the bad guy is.

I would recommend this book because it is a thrilling adventure story with lots of fantasy involved as well. I think it is a book which many people would like and that will take you away from your bedroom/living room/car journey or wherever you are to an exciting, incredible adventure in a universe away from our own.

I would recommend it to anyone ten possibly nine years old and over and anyone who likes fantasy and/or adventure stories.


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