Musical Biography

Musical Biography (or, Memoirs of the lives and writings of the most eminent musical composers and writers who have flourish in the different countries of Europe during the last three centuries) by William Bingley 

Introduced by Sarah Rhys 

A couple of years ago I was selected for ‘The Library of Lost Books’ exhibition at the Library of Birmimgham. Each artist was sent an antique book that had been salvaged from destruction and were to work with it in anyway we wished.

My book arrived simply wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string bow of string.

The cover is exquisitely hand painted using a type of marbling, there was no spine and the calf vellum was turning to dust. The covers collapsed in two after a short time since there wasn’t any coverings remaining on the spine.

Front-cover-580x583 rhys-titlepage

I was interested in the marginalia which was mainly by the hand of Reverend Bingley.

I wanted to keep and enhance the notes, makings and musings by erasing the rest of the text.

I decided eventually to use fire as my method of erasure.

p298-580x414 p300-580x413 Page-10-580x425

Click here to find out more about Sarah Rhys and her book and ‘The Library of Lost Books’.

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