Cowgirl by Giancarlo Gemin

Introduced by Caro Laing 

I picked this up, and started reading what I thought was going to be another book about girls and relationships between friends etc. but how wrong I was!

It is so very much more.

A story set in a run-down Welsh community which has lost its hope and its heart, and where people have forgotten how to relate to each other and care – but this is changed by … cows. The cast of characters come from every layer of society: girls, boys, old folk, farm and factory workers. How they relate to each other and how the events affect their lives is somehow totally believable. The author paints the scenes with such skill that I could picture every scene so clearly that I felt I had been to Bryn Mawr. I even started reading it in my head with a Welsh accent…..

But it is not just about Wales. It could be any small rundown town in the present economic climate, and any young person will recognise and relate to a lot of it. Reading it as an adult and a teacher, I can see this being a focus for a lot of discussion, so much of it is thought provoking. But above all, anyone reading it will be pulled on through, keen to know what will happen next. I loved it. It would make a great film, or TV series, too.


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