Being Welsh

Being Welsh by Huw Parsons 

Introduced by Dan James, musician and DJ at BRFM Radio Wales

This is a lovely little book. Huw is a photographer, poet and writer based in the Brecon area [and author of Planet Hay] and he creates wonderful books. I already have his book Brecon Fringe which is a larger hard back publication and more factual. Being Welsh is an impressionist work and an intensely personal view of people and places in this little corner of South Wales and is full of heart.

I particularly liked Huw‘s story about an early morning visit from the postman and the photograph of Brecon in the early hours which is with it. There are photographs from Hay on Wye, Abergavenny market, Brecon and the nearby countryside, juxtaposed with prose and pithy poetry. The photography within this book is a great example of the art; how to look at the everyday and make it beautiful.

Being Welsh contains writing and photography to make you smile and to make you think. Weighing in at 58 numbered pages this is a small book and is not a hardback publication. However, the page and print quality is excellent and I would recommend it as much to anyone who lives locally as to the casual visitor. Priced at £9 this is good value just for the feeling of well being it gives the reader. Not a long read but that all depends on how long you wish to linger.

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