Love and Justice

Love and Justice, by Diana Morgan-Hill

Introduced by Dave Prescott

A few months ago I had an unexpected bout of pneumonia, an unexpected shock to the system that left me wheezing away and coughing up blood like a barely credible character in a Gothic novel. After emerging from this illness some weeks later, pathetically grateful for the ability to breathe easy, I was driving into town and heard a woman on the radio describing how she’d fallen under a train, lost both her legs and then was taken to court by British Rail who accused her of trespassing on the tracks.

Well, I thought to myself. Well, now. That certainly puts my wheeze into some perspective. It was a fine piece of radio. I bought the book and read it as I used to read before small children arrived in my life, i.e. very quickly and with all else on hold.

In ‘Love and Justice’ Diana describes, with great grace and humour, the bad-thriller-plot-except-its-real-life that she went through – and came out fighting. Most people, presented with Diana’s unbelievable situation, would be forgiven for indulging in a touch of self-pity, perhaps. Or maybe even a smattering of bitterness. But not this lady.

For me the ‘love’ bit of the book resonated more strongly than the ‘justice’ bit – though that’s probably because I think love comes before all things, it’s the sine qua non, it’s where power comes from. 

* * *

Dave Prescott lives just outside Hay-on-Wye with his wife Billie and two daughters. Diana Morgan-Hill will be appearing at the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford as part of this year’s h.Energy – Herefordshire’s annual sustainability showcase.

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