A Table in the Tarn

A Table in the Tarn: Living, Eating & Cooking in South-East France by Orlando Murrin

Introduced by Cath a book seller in Hay 

This job can be so interesting because you never know who you will meet.

There I was one lovely sunny day last summer, serving customers and talking about the glorious weather when all at once a gentleman walking by with friends stopped, did a double-take, point at an area in front of the desk and shouted ‘You’ve got my book!’

In he came and introduced himself – Orlando Murrin in the flesh (verified by the photograph on the inside cover!). He asked if I would like him to sign a few copies. Would I? Naturally! A few customers in the shop were quite taken by the idea too and one lady in particular also benefitted from a couple of tips to help improve one of the recipes contained within. How nice of him!

When asked how we managed to have such a a pile of his book, I had a tale to tell. Rumour had it we bought most of them when first published. Indeed rumour also has it that we bought so many it had to go to reprint! The book has been a really good seller both in the shop and online so it was good to be able to tell Mr Murrin just that.

Everyone had a laugh about coincidence and boosted sales then went about their business again. What a nice interlude on a busy day in Hay!

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