Oh Happy Hay! by Eugene Fisk 

Introduced by Simon Hulbert, Brook Street Pottery & Gallery

A unique new book has been recently published and launched in Hay-on-Wye. The book contains over 40 original drawings by Hay resident, artist Eugene Fisk, who has been been creating a series of beautifully observed studies of Hay over the last 12 months.


Some of the originals can be seen framed and presented in the current exhibition (extended until September 21st) at Pottery in Hay along with signed copies of the book.



Oh Happy Hay! text and original illustrations by Eugene Fisk, designed by Kate Milsom and printed locally at Orphan’s Press.

Extract from a chapter entitled ‘Reading’ in O Happy Hay!

‘[My friend, life-learned Anthony Daly] … sees the people who visit and dwell in Hay as books in themselves: books on two legs. Once considered, the idea expands. What stories are there to record these walking books in Hay! I am always waiting for someone to write them … There are so many personalities in Hay who could provide interesting material to a discerning writer.’



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