The Man in the Mountain

The Man in the Mountain by James E Roberts

Introduced by Bethan & Jules North


‘A lovely Welsh tale written by J E Roberts. Set in the heights of the Welsh mountains The Man In The Mountain is a magical, mysterious and magnificent book with lots of description and emotion. This book is wonderful and would be very worthwhile to read.’

Bethan North, age 8

Her mum, Jules, adds:  ‘The Man in the Mountain is a poetically written and evocative of a rural family life. We enjoyed reading it out loud to each other and laughing at the family scenarios familiar to us all.’

The Man in the Mountain, published by Sea Campion, is a novella about a child’s reaction to local biodiversity loss was published in the Spring. James Roberts lives in Clyro, a village one mile from Hay.

[Note to booksellers in Hay: would you like to stock copies of this book? It is not currently available to buy locally, so for now I to direct people to the Amazon listing! It would be great if it could be on sale in Hay.]

About the author:

James Roberts still has the battered copy of Hamlyn’s Animal World that accompanied him everywhere as a child. Obsessed with animals all his life, he has travelled extensively in search of them. Once he came face-to-face with a Grey Wolf on a forest track in the Rocky Mountains. They stared at each other for many minutes before continuing their travels . . .

He has written poetry, prose and plays. Recent work has been published by The Dark Mountain Project, Earthlines, The Island Review, The Clearing, Agenda and Envoi. A short collection of poetry is due out this summer as part of Quintet (Cinnamon Press).  In 2013 he was writer-in-residence on Skomer Island.

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